Two Languages / One Community began as a workshop that uses writing and translation to exchange culture and life experiences between African Americans and Chinese speakers. These communities are often culturally isolated from each other, even though they live in the same neighborhood or work together. We believe that sharing stories and language facilitates understanding, connection, and support. 

With our partnering organizations, the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, we have presented public readings of poetry and prose created in our bilingual workshops. The writing is published in English and Chinese online and in our book series Catching Memory.

We are proud of the agility and openness of the project. It can be tailored to fit all ages, novice and seasoned writers, and languages other than English and Chinese. We look forward to taking the project to other communities in the Bay Area and beyond. If you are interested in bringing the project to your community, reach out to us at https://twolanguagesonecommunity.com/connect.

The Two Languages / One Community project has received support from the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program, Poets & Writers, and Ashley Bullitt.





兩種語言/一個社群項目得到了Zellerbach家庭基金會、奧克蘭市文化資助計劃、非營利組織詩人與作家、和Ashley Bullitt的支持。